Friday, June 29, 2012

Force of Nature by C.J. Box

This is another great book by C.J. Box. I have thoroughly enjoyed the previous Joe Pickett novels and this one does not disappoint. (This book can be read without reading the previous books but I would recommend reading at least one other previous Joe Pickett book because it would help the reader understand the gravity of the situation between Joe and Nate.)

After a triple murder, Nate is suspected of committing the crime and is back on the run. Joe has to make the decision about if he wants to know what Nate is keeping secret and what is bringing people after him. Everyone who has ever known Nate is in danger and he has to get things figured out before the people he loves the most are killed.

After reading all the previous Joe Pickett novels, I was anxious to know what makes Nate the mysterious character he has been throughout the series. Nate's story did not disappoint. Nate's story was not just handed to you. You had to patiently wait till Nate was read to tell it. It kept the suspense up until the very end.

Box did a great job describing the characters that Nate was up against. I know nothing about falconry but Box did a wonderful job explaining the art and giving the reader the desire to know more about it. There were parts in the story that I felt a little lost about falconry but by the end, I learned how it all tied in to the story line.

This is a great book. I would recommend any C.J. Box book to anyone who likes a good mystery and would like to learn a little something about living out west. I find I always learn something new from his books.

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