Friday, June 29, 2012

Black Swan by Chris Knopf

When I found out I was going to receive this book, I borrowed the first book from the library. I could not get into it so I put it down and picked up this book. I felt like this book was much more entertaining.

The book started out with action immediately. Sam and his girlfriend, Amanda, are caught in a storm while sailing. They get stranded on an island and encounter some questionable characters. Soon bodies start turning up and no one is able to get on or off the island due to the storms. Sam takes it upon himself to find out what is happening on this island.

I found the book entertaining and suspenseful. At times the descriptions became a little too technical but I did not feel it detracted from the overall feel of the book. I am sure some of those descriptions were beneficial to someone who knows more about boats but to people, like myself, who do not know much about boats it was too much to truly comprehend.

The character development was well written. Although I had not read the previous books, I did not find it made it hard to read this book. Knopf did a good job giving background on the characters so new readers would understand them but not so much detail that previous readers would be bored.

After reading this book, I am interested in picking up the first book again. I look forward to reading more Chris Knopf books in the future.

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