Monday, August 27, 2012

Maze Runner by James Dashner

I had seen this book mentioned many times by my friends who love young adult books. I decided to pick it up and see what they were talking about.

Thomas finds himself in a box and being lifted up in the box. When the doors are opened, there is a large group of boys looking in on him. Thomas doesn't remember anything of his past and he has no idea what is going on in the place in which he was delivered. He starts trying to ask questions and no one has a straight answer for him. Things are strange in this new world and before he knows it, things get even stranger when the first girl is brought into their world. Things continue to spiral out of control once she arrives and all of them have to figure out how to survive.

I found the beginning of this book a little slow and annoying. Thomas is constantly asking what is going on and the answers are vague or not given at all. I found myself as frustrated as Thomas with the lack of answers and how he was being treated by the other boys.

As the story continues, I found myself less irritated. I became anxious about how they would get through and survive the Maze. After about half way through the book, I couldn't put it down. I was so impressed with how Thomas fought through all the questions and persevered.

I felt like this book was different from many of the other young adult books I have read lately. It felt like it wasn't a "copy" of an idea from someone else. There could be other books out like it but I have not encountered any of them to date. I thought that the author was inventive and left you wanting more at the end of the book. I look forward to picking up the next book. 

(Library Book read Aug 2012)

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  1. It sounds like an old book I loved called The Maze in the Heart of the Castle by Dorothy Gilman. I haven't read this one, but I loved the Gilman one. And it was a stand alone!