Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Ever Get Old by Daniel Friedman

This is a story of a cantankerous old man named Buck Schatz. An old acquaintance from the war wants to talk to him before he dies. This man informs Buck that the soldier who tortured him during the war is actually still alive and that he took some gold from that soldier in order to give him passage out of the country. Buck is furious. This acquaintance betrayed him and now wants him to find the rest of the gold. Buck is going to ignore this death bed plea until more people start approaching him about the gold. Before he knows it, Buck is drug into the treasure hunt and he has brought his grandson along with him. Bodies start turning up and Buck could be one of them if he doesn't tread carefully.

This was an interesting book. I loved the humor throughout the book and it started from the moment I read Buck's name the first time. The author did a wonderful job with the character Buck. Buck has smart responses to everyone around him, including his wife. I think Buck is the type of character that most people want to become in their old age...cantankerous, witty, no nonsense, and still up for a wild adventure.

After completing the book, I realized that I found the book entertaining but that I didn't hang on to the plot as much as I did the humor and the characters. The story was not bad but I think it was overshadowed by the personalities of the characters. I was anxious to find out how Buck was going to get everything ironed out but I was also anxious to know how Buck was doing after everything was over. I would recommend this books as a humorous book with a mystery twist. 

(Please note that this book was received through NetGalley. Thank you, St. Martin's Press, for the opportunity to read this book. Read on Kindle August 2012.)

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