Monday, July 2, 2012

The Second Son by Lee Child

This is a short story that gives an insight into what Jack Reacher was like as a child (around 13 years old). His grandfather is dying and his family has been relocated so they cannot contact his next of kin, which is his daughter, Josephine.  Josephine is Reacher’s mother. After getting moved into their new home, Reacher and his brother, Joe, encounter the bully kid of the neighborhood. Before they know it, Reacher’s dad, Stan, and Joe are both in some trouble. Reacher’s mom has to leave to be with her dad and it is up to Reacher to put things back together for the family.

This is definitely a short story but it is worth the read. You realize that Reacher’s behaviors have been engrained in him from a very young age. He can be hard headed but shows intelligence that amazes you. He is able to deduce what is going on more accurately than the adults around him. It is clear from reading this short story that Reacher was a fighter early on in life and that he knew he would have to prove himself everywhere he lived. Reacher learned how to use people as pawns and manipulate them through the experiences he encountered growing up. It is also clear that his mother and father trusted him and knew that he would protect his family at all costs.

This story is nothing fancy or unique to Lee Child. His writing style is the same as it is throughout the Reacher series. It just gives the reader a snapshot of what Reacher was like as a teen and how even at a young age, we was being molded into the man he becomes throughout the series.

Finished Reading on July 1, 2012
Format: short story eBook on Kindle (purchased)

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