Monday, June 30, 2014

Don't Talk to Strangers by Amanda Kyle Williams

This is the third Keye Street book. Keye Street is the main character in Amanda Kyle Williams’ books. Keye has a new member of her staff and she is fitting right in with Keye and Neil. Keye is living with Rauser now but it is not paradise. Keye is trying to keep her relationship afloat but gets a call from a small town sheriff who needs her help on a case. He has two decease young ladies that have been found in the woods. He wants Keye to come to this small town in Georgia for a few days and write up a profile on their murderer. Keye is hesitant but she knows she cannot turn it down. After Keye arrives, there is a third abduction and Keye is in a race against the clock to find this young lady before it is too late.

This is another great book by Amanda Kyle Williams. She has a talent for writing great characters and it gets you so absorbed into the book that it is hard to put it down. I love that she has not changed the personality of her main characters: Keye, Neil, and Rauser. The dialog between these characters is fantastic. I find myself chuckling out loud while I am reading the book. I feel like Williams writes characters that are relatable.

The story line of this book is one that keeps you on your toes. I felt the subject was a little dark since it dealt with the kidnapping and murder of young girls but Williams did a great job of being thorough but respectful of the issue. This type of murder can be tough for some people to read even though it is fiction; however, Williams writes it in such a way that it doesn’t make the reader uncomfortable. I love the descriptions of the areas that Keye went to in this small town. I could visualize it easily. I appreciated that she had descriptions that were just enough and not too wordy.

Overall, I would highly recommend this latest book by Amanda Kyle Williams. I like that Williams doesn’t write these books the exact same way each time. I feel like I am getting a brand new story with each book instead of just a continuation of the previous one or another case just like before. Williams seems to have a vivid imagination that can produce exciting books every time. I look forward to the next Keye Street installment.

Advance Reader Copy received via NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Read March 16th – April 21st

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