Friday, January 17, 2014

The Last Alibi by David Ellis

This is another book in the Jason Kolarich series. This time Jason gets entangled with a new client that is not being 100% honest with his new attorney. Jason is going through some recovery after a knee surgery and is not at his best. His friends are getting concerned about him and they are worried that his new girlfriend is not good for him. Before Jason knows it, his new client has gotten him thrown in the midst of a serious murder investigation and Jason is on trial for the crimes.

I have read previous David Ellis books and I have enjoyed all of them. This one is no different. I love the author’s writing style and character development. Throughout this book I found myself wanting to yell at Jason to get his head in the right place. That shows how invested I was in the character. I did not want to see Jason ruin his life because of a woman, pain meds, and a bad client. I found it fascinating how Ellis wrote about the ethical dilemmas that attorneys can face at times. Jason has an ethical responsibility to represent this new client and yet faces a moral challenge representing this same client.

The first few chapters were hard to get into because the book bounces around from chapter to chapter but once I got further into the book, I could not put it down. I was anxious to see how Jason was going to get himself out of the predicament in which that he found himself. I was amazed by the ending and I’m glad I pushed through those first few chapters.

Overall, this book was well worth the read. It is an interesting perspective of an attorney taking on a new and controversial client and how that attorney will get through the challenges this new client brings to him. Do not give up on the book when you start bouncing around in the first few chapters. You will get the hang of it and it is worth it in the end. This book makes me look forward to another David Ellis book in the future.

*Book provided by LibraryThing Early Reviewers in exchange for a honest review; Read August 2013*

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