Thursday, August 8, 2013

You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado

This book was life changing for me. The opening phrase that is repeated three times throughout the first chapter is now on my bathroom mirror so I see it every morning and I’m reminded that I will get through each day.

Max Lucado has written a fantastic book that takes you through the journey of Joseph and the challenges he faced throughout his life. Lucado reminds us that Joseph’s story in Genesis is just a matter of chapters but it was years and years to Joseph. Lucado has changed Joseph’s story for me and I will never read that story the same way again. I feel a kinship with Joseph now and I can use his story to help me through all the hard times in life.

Lucado’s book doesn’t give you a step by step process in how to overcome life’s trials but he does give you examples of how Joseph and others have conquered their challenges with God’s help. The chapters are broken up into areas that tend to plague us all when we are down and struggling. Lucado reminds us that we must seek God in all of these areas but that we are also still human and we will have to continue to work at it. As long as we are aware, we can work on being better.

Lucado has reminded us that God will use evil for good. We have to believe that although bad things happen to us, God is still there and He will take these bad things and make something positive from it. He will always win against satan. We can rest on that promise and we can and will get through this hard time!

At the end of the book there is a section of reflection questions. I thought the book was probing but these reflection questions are amazing. I found it was great to go back and start at the beginning when I got to the questions. It made me go through the whole book again and get even more out of it.

My life has been changed from this book. I am planning on purchasing multiple copies to give to friends and family. I look forward to sharing it and seeing how it changes the lives of those around me.

Please note:  This book was received as an advanced reader copy through NetGalley and the publisher Thomas Nelson.

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