Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Reached by Ally Condie


This is the final book in the Matched Trilogy. In this book, you read about Cassia, Xander, and Ky and their experiences against the Society. Cassia is a sorter in Central City. Xander is a medic. Ky is a pilot and lives at the borders. The three are separate physically but connected emotionally. In the previous books you find out that Cassia has been matched to Xander and Ky. Both boys love Cassia and she in turn loves them back. She is conflicted on which boy she should pick. Each character is faced with the challenge of being without their friends and family and facing a plague that is taking lives rapidly while they await The Pilot and The Rising.

I found this book to be better than the second book in the trilogy. I was pleased with the first book and disappointed in the second. Fortunately, this book was more entertaining to me and renewed my feelings about this trilogy. The author continues her writing style of having a chapter for each main character and from their point of view. I found this to be an effective way to explain what was going on for each character, especially because all three main characters are so far from each other at the start of this book.

I enjoyed the suspense developed throughout the story. Each of the character’s personality is developed even more in this book and you see how they cope under pressure without the support of a friend or family. I really enjoyed the addition and development of some of the secondary characters. Lei is a strong girl and I found myself relating to her the most of all the characters. I also enjoyed the growth that Xander displays throughout this book.

Some of my disappointments in this book involve the ending. I felt part of the ending was predictable and part of it left questions unanswered. I found myself wanting to know more information; however, I don’t think there are enough unanswered questions to warrant another book. I just feel that the author could have given the reader some more finality. I also found myself a little confused at times about the plague. This could be because it had been months since I read Crossed. I find myself disappointed in some of these young adult trilogies or series that do not recap for the reader what has happened in the previous book. This book was released a year after Crossed and I have read many other books in that year. I find it frustrating to try and remember what happened in the previous book when it has been at least a year or more since I read it. I think it would be beneficial for the authors to creatively write a summary of the key points you need to remember from the previous book. I believe I would have enjoyed this book much more if I was refreshed on Crossed. It would have eliminated some of my confusion while reading the story.

Overall, I was pleased with the last book in The Matched Trilogy. I had a couple of disappointments but I was definitely more entertained with this third book. I am impressed that the author continued the character development throughout this entire book. I enjoyed the suspense that was built in parts of the story and how the characters worked through the tension. I would recommend this trilogy to people who enjoy young adult dystopian adventures, but I would also recommend that they read the three books back-to-back.

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